duo-mono-lith / David Moss & Boris Hegenbart

David Moss (voice) & Boris Hegenbart (computer)

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Ken Jacobs / David Moss / Boris Hegenbart / diNMachine

Ken Jacobs’ immersive analog 3D eternalisms will be projected at BKA Club on the very last Saturday of August, 2016.
Collaborating with David Moss, Boris Hegenbart and Michael J. Schumacher’s diNMachine, an exploration of
minimalistic rhythmic variation, noise, diegetic soundscapes and rock in convincing depth without 3D glasses,
will ignite the night in enveloping sound.

27. August 2016 :  Concert //

diNMachine (Michael J. Schumacher)

Nervous Magic Lantern KEN JACOBS

David Moss & Boris Hegenbart

BKA Club – Berlin-Germany