Duo Brandlmayr//Hegenbart

Brandlmayr//Hegenbart is a Drum&Computer-Duo that works in between abstract Dub and contemporary electroacoustic music. The collaboration started as a studio project. Recordigns and overdubs were interchanged between Vienna and Berlin, … >>>

Klien & Hegenbart

In Schwachströmen – Volkmar Klien & Boris Hegenbart A concert for 2 musicians and an orchestra of paper-screen loudspeakers Volkmar Klien’s pointillistic improvisation on a Rhodes electric piano is processed in real-time … >>>

Slides & Slices

  slides&slices – field recordings, live electronics and DIA slideshow slides & slices is a slide series of reduced pen drawings with live soundtrack, designed by Boris Hegenbart and Yumiko … >>>

Wellenfell (Jan Thoben & Boris Hegenbart)

download wellenfell-portfolio.pdf Wellenfell, is a series of performances by Boris Hegenbart and Jan Thoben. The term Wellenfell metaphorically combines the German words Welle (wave) and Fell (skin). Wellenfell, however, is … >>>


© photos by henning wiechers / collage by hegenbart   Ensample_2 : claudius von wrochem (cello)/ boris hegenbart (electronic devices) claudius von wrochem @ kairosquartett