duo-mono-lith / David Moss & Boris Hegenbart

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 Two travelers in the world of sound.   

David Moss – vocalist, composer (voice), words/stories
Boris Hegenbart – performer, composer (electronics), producer

Moss, with his unpredictable vocal fantasies, meets Hegenbart and his machinery of sonic disassembly. Using Moss’ roaring river of vocality as source material, this duo rises from an energized ocean of sound.
duo-mono-lith combines minimalistic rhythmic variations, voice cut-ups, personal electronics and eccentric storylines. duo-mono-lith is layers and revelation mixed with the poetry of daily life.

David Moss is considered one of the most innovative singers in contemporary music. He has performed his solo and theater work from New York (Lincoln Center) to Venice (Theatro La Fenice) to Brisbane (Festival). In 1991 he received a Guggenheim Fellowship; in 1992, a DAAD Fellowship (Berlin).
Moss has sung with the Berlin Philharmonic under Sir Simon Rattle, and made his Carnegie Hall debut with the American Composers Orchestra. He was twice a featured soloist at the Salzburg Festival. He was a 2008-09/2016-17 fellow of the “Interweaving Performance Cultures” research center at the Free University of Berlin. He has been the artistic director of the MADE Festival in Sweden and is the co-founder/artistic director of the Institute for Living Voice, which has conducted master classes, workshops and seminars internationally since 2001.
In 2016 he celebrated 25 years living in Berlin by curating a concert for the DAAD MikroMusik Festival.
Boris Hegenbart, from Berlin – Germany. Composer and performer of electroacoustic music and sound-art since 1996. Sound installations, electroacoustic concerts, performances, workshops and lectures in Europe, Asia and America. Soundscapes for theatre plays, dance performances and experimental radio- and video-art. Solo-performances and collaborations with different performers, composers, improvisation musicians and ensembles: Zeitkratzer, Kairos Quartett, Michael Vorfeld, Stephan Mathieu, David Grubbs, Fred Frith, Martin Brandlmayr, Felix Kubin, and many others. At Transmediale, Club-Transmediale, MaerzMusik, Inventionen, Steirischer Herbst and at many other venues.
„Boris Hegenbart, whose collages sound like meditations at a street crossing with an invading swarm of locusts.“ – (taz Berlin)


TM-CTM Vorspiel-Opening / Boris Hegenbart & Jan Thoben / 20 January 2017

Video & Sound Club-Performance @ ACUD MACHT NEU 

The Squint
by Boris Hegenbart (Audio DSP) & Jan Thoben (Video Synthesizer)

On 20 January 2017 at 18:00 the Vorspiel opens at ACUD MACHT NEU, preceding the transmediale – festival for art and digital culture berlin and CTM Festival.
The pre-festival program, coordinated by transmediale/resource, transmediale, and CTM festival continues the mission of strengthening and expanding the Berlin based network of organizations, galleries, independent project spaces, and other venues from the field of digital art and culture as well as experimental music and sound art. Corresponding festival events run until 5 March 2017.

Opening on 20.1.2017 at ACUD MACHT NEU, Vorspiel 2017 continues with daily events until 5.3.2017. More on the complete Vorspiel program: https://vorspiel.berlin



Photos #1/2/3/4/  by ©CTM Festival / Udo Siegfriedt

Block&Tackle (Boris Hegenbart // Jan Thoben)

Block&Tackle is an ensemble project founded by Berlin-based musicians Boris Hegenbart and Jan Thoben. Hegenbart is a composer and sound artist who works mainly in the fields of sound installation, electro-acoustic music and computer performance. Thoben is a drummer and percussionist whose activities range from post-rock oriented bands to improvised music and audiovisual performance. With Block&Tackle we focus on the application of instruments encompassing analog and digital audio technology as well as crossbreeding the acoustic and the electro-acoustic domains. We use hybrid devices to perform live sampling, rhythmical synching and overdubbing. Inspired by the concepts and techniques of dub music production – dropping musical streams in and out of the mix or routing sounds through effects like delays and filters – we aim to transform the studio situation into a live-electronic musical performance. We thereby function as a backing band, a steady sound-block being tackled together with different guest musicians on every performance and recording occasion. By playing in different formations our musical material undergoes continuous variation, comparable to the endless remixing processes in dub music. This way each performance turns out to be a unique version of a modified musical prototype.          

duo-mono-lith / David Moss & Boris Hegenbart


David Moss (voice) & Boris Hegenbart (computer)

Next concert:

Ken Jacobs / David Moss / Boris Hegenbart / diNMachine

Ken Jacobs’ immersive analog 3D eternalisms will be projected at BKA Club on the very last Saturday of August, 2016.
Collaborating with David Moss, Boris Hegenbart and Michael J. Schumacher’s diNMachine, an exploration of
minimalistic rhythmic variation, noise, diegetic soundscapes and rock in convincing depth without 3D glasses,
will ignite the night in enveloping sound.

27. August 2016 :  Concert //

diNMachine (Michael J. Schumacher)

Nervous Magic Lantern KEN JACOBS

David Moss & Boris Hegenbart

BKA Club – Berlin-Germany

60Hz (Jan Thoben & Boris Hegenbart)

The Squint / Video & Sound Performance by 60Hz (Jan Thoben & Boris Hegenbart): 5. August 2017 at the Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund 

Ausschwaermen – Zustand // Sound & Video Installation :  19. February 2017 @ zwitschermaschine (part of :  Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM)

Ausschwaermen – Bewegung // Video & Sound Performance :  18. February 2017  @ zwitschermaschine (part of :  Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM)

Video & Sound Performance : 20. January 2017 @ ACUD MACHT NEU – Vorspiel/TM/CTM (Berlin – Germany)

Video & Sound Performance :  15. June 2016 @ FRAMELESS (Munich – Germany)

Jan Thoben (Video Synthesizer)

Boris Hegenbart (Audio DSP)

The Squint is an audiovisual performance series by Jan Thoben and Boris Hegenbart. Rooted in video synthesis techniques from the 60s and 70s, this project explores the signal-based creation of sound and image from inside the electronics. The hard-synced action of wild voltages is digitally processed and gated, almost tangible, as if perceived through a small opening.



machida & matsui

(showcase: Yoshio Machida & Boris Hegenbart / 2x tracks)

surround / synergy

■日時:2014年9月28日 [日] open 19:30 start 20:00
■会場:Ftarri, 水道橋
ボリス・ヘーゲンバルト (from Germany, electronics)
Ftarri / 03-6240-0884 / info@ftarri.com / www.ftarri.com

[Max/MSP, プロセッシング] www.soundblocks.de
ウィーンELAK在学中Max/MSPによる作曲、即興音楽を学ぶ。フレッド・フリス、デヴィッド・グラブスらと自身のコラボ作[3/TAU]をStaubgold, Monotypeよりリリース。transmedialeなど国内外音楽祭に参加。ライブプロセッシングで様々な楽器の演奏家と競演、作品を発表。Werner Dafeldecker (Polwechsel)、Martin Brandlmayr (Radian)、F.S.Blummとのデュオプロジェクトでも活動。

[EMS SYNTHI AKS] www.yoshiomachida.com
音楽家、スティールパン奏者/美術家。多摩美術大学在学中、秋山邦晴に師事、アート/音楽/映像を総合的に学ぶ。山本達久とのduoオハナミを含め、Jazz~電子音響まで幅広く活動。ISEA、Sonar Tokyo、Maerz-musik等国内外の音楽祭に参加。2014年春、フランスBaskaruより70年代のアナログシンセSYNTHI AKSのみを使ったアルバムをリリース。


surround / synergy
Synergetic electronic beat improvisation by Boris Hegenbart (from Germany) and Yoshio Machida. Using 4 channel system, Hegenbart plays sound processing of Max/MSP and Machida plays 70s analog modular synthesizer.

DATE: 28, September 2014
TIME: open 19:30 start 20:00
PLACE: Ftarri, Tokyo
Boris Hegenbart (from Germany, electronics)
Yoshio Machida (EMS SYNTHI AKS)
CHARGE: 2,000yen
INFO: Ftarri / 03-6240-0884 / info@ftarri.com / www.ftarri.com

[Max/MSP, sound processing] www.soundblocks.de
Musician/composer of electroacoustic music and sound-art. Studied composition and improvisation using Max/MSP at ELAK in Vienna. Hegenbart has played live processing with various instrument players for art and music festivals; transmediale, Maerz-Musik, etc. Released his collaboration project [3/TAU] with Fred Frith, David Grubbs, etc. from Staubgold/Monotype. Working duo projects with Werner Dafeldecker (Polwechsel), Martin Brandlmayr (Radian) and F.S.Blumm.

[EMS SYNTHI AKS] www.yoshiomachida.com
Sound and visual artist, Steelpan player. Studied minimal art, music and movie extensively under Kuniharu Akiyama at Tama art university in Tokyo. Machida has played for art and music festivals; ISEA2004, Sonar-Tokyo, Europhonics Jazz Festival, Maerz-Musik, Cyberfest. Released an album using only 70s analog synth “SYNTHI” from a French label Baskaru.


(photos: Duo-Tour 2011 Yoshio Machida & Boris Hegenbart)


2011 – TOUR part I.) in Germany & Netherlands : September

1. NACHTJOURNAL : stadtgarten koeln : 20.Sep. (Tue)
2. EXTRAPOOL : Nijmegen : 21.Sep. (Wed)
3. AUDIOSCOOP at Intro in SITU : Maastricht : 22.Sep (Thu)
4. GENERAL PUBLIC : Berlin : 23.Sep (Fri) + DJ Iku Sakan

2011 – TOUR part II.) in Japan : October & November

1. Velvet Sun : Ogikubo, Tokyo : 16.Oct. (sun), 07:30pm
Artist : Koe (Teruyuki Oshima, Atsuko Hatano,
Hiroki Chiba, Masatsugu Hattori)
Duo (Boris Hegenbart & Yoshio Machida)
2. The Foxhole : Kichijoji, Tokyo : 06.Nov. (sun), 07:00pm
Artist : Seiichi Yamamoto, Christophe Charles,
Boris Hegenbart, Yoshio Machida
3. A Kind Of Bar Nearby Asakusabashi Station : Tokyo
Duo Concert : Christophe Charles, Boris Hegenbart : 24.Nov.
4. Velvet Sun : Ogikubo, Tokyo : 27.Nov. (sun), 07:30pm
Artist : (Takutrujuk Vol.3) Luis Nanook, Boris Hegenbart, Cuushe
5. The Foxhole : Kichijoji, Tokyo : 02.Dec. (fri),
Artist : Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Yoshio Machida, Boris Hegenbart