TM-CTM Vorspiel-Opening / Boris Hegenbart & Jan Thoben / 20 January 2017

Video & Sound Club-Performance @ ACUD MACHT NEU 

The Squint
by Boris Hegenbart (Audio DSP) & Jan Thoben (Video Synthesizer)

On 20 January 2017 at 18:00 the Vorspiel opens at ACUD MACHT NEU, preceding the transmediale – festival for art and digital culture berlin and CTM Festival.
The pre-festival program, coordinated by transmediale/resource, transmediale, and CTM festival continues the mission of strengthening and expanding the Berlin based network of organizations, galleries, independent project spaces, and other venues from the field of digital art and culture as well as experimental music and sound art. Corresponding festival events run until 5 March 2017.

Opening on 20.1.2017 at ACUD MACHT NEU, Vorspiel 2017 continues with daily events until 5.3.2017. More on the complete Vorspiel program: 


Photos #1/2/3/4/  by ©CTM Festival / Udo Siegfriedt

Video // Forgotten Characters

Video Art :  Kerstin Hovland and Emery Martin (Electronic Countermeasures, LLC)

Music :  Ulrich Krieger and Boris Hegenbart live at the Goethe Institut, Los Angeles on November 14th, 2014.

Forgotten Characters is a live music and video performance using software-driven instruments developed and programmed by the artists to celebrate the origins of computer graphics. The visual aspect of the piece uses software written in openFrameworks to pixel map a blend of live and prerecorded video to the characters of the extended ASCII library. Modern video images are transformed to reference the graphics capabilities of computers prior to the earliest bitmaps, calling our attention to both our nostalgia for low-tech imagery how far we’ve come in visual communication technology. The resulting videos are projected on to a sculptural arrangement of screens that surround each performer.

First performed with live music by Ulrich Krieger and Boris Hegenbart at the Goethe Institut, Los Angeles on November 14th, 2014.


Klien & Hegenbart

In Schwachströmen – Volkmar Klien & Boris Hegenbart

A concert for 2 musicians and an orchestra of paper-screen loudspeakers

Volkmar Klien’s pointillistic improvisation on a Rhodes electric piano is processed in real-time by Boris Hegenbart and projected via an assembly of custom built paper-screen loudspeakers. The two artists create a garden of sounds and objects invoking nature through the casual presence and fragile quality of the music performed.

In Schwachströmen
Ein Konzert für 2 Musiker und ein Orchester aus Papierwand-Lautsprechern

Volkmar Kliens pointillistische Improvisation auf einem Rhodes E-Piano wird von Boris Hegenbart live prozessiert und über ein spezielles Orchester aus Papierwand-Lautsprechern projiziert. Die zwei Künstler kreieren so einen Garten aus Klängen und Objekten, in dem die Natur erwacht durch die fast beiläufige Präsenz und fragile Qualität der Musik.

Volkmar Klien (Vienna) –

Boris Hegenbart (Berlin) –


Performance :  Sunday – 30 October 2016 – at 8 PM
at rhiz (U-Bahnbogen 37, A-1080 Vienna, Austria)

Performance :  Friday – 04 March 2016 – at 8 PM
at Echoraum (Sechshauser Str. 66, A-1150 Vienna, Austria)


duo-mono-lith / David Moss & Boris Hegenbart


David Moss (voice) & Boris Hegenbart (computer)

Next concert:

Ken Jacobs / David Moss / Boris Hegenbart / diNMachine

Ken Jacobs’ immersive analog 3D eternalisms will be projected at BKA Club on the very last Saturday of August, 2016.
Collaborating with David Moss, Boris Hegenbart and Michael J. Schumacher’s diNMachine, an exploration of
minimalistic rhythmic variation, noise, diegetic soundscapes and rock in convincing depth without 3D glasses,
will ignite the night in enveloping sound.

27. August 2016 :  Concert //

diNMachine (Michael J. Schumacher)

Nervous Magic Lantern KEN JACOBS

David Moss & Boris Hegenbart

BKA Club – Berlin-Germany

60Hz (Jan Thoben & Boris Hegenbart)

The Squint / Video & Sound Performance by 60Hz (Jan Thoben & Boris Hegenbart): 5. August 2017 at the Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund 

Ausschwaermen – Zustand // Sound & Video Installation :  19. February 2017 @ zwitschermaschine (part of :  Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM)

Ausschwaermen – Bewegung // Video & Sound Performance :  18. February 2017  @ zwitschermaschine (part of :  Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM)

Video & Sound Performance : 20. January 2017 @ ACUD MACHT NEU – Vorspiel/TM/CTM (Berlin – Germany)

Video & Sound Performance :  15. June 2016 @ FRAMELESS (Munich – Germany)

Jan Thoben (Video Synthesizer)

Boris Hegenbart (Audio DSP)

The Squint is an audiovisual performance series by Jan Thoben and Boris Hegenbart. Rooted in video synthesis techniques from the 60s and 70s, this project explores the signal-based creation of sound and image from inside the electronics. The hard-synced action of wild voltages is digitally processed and gated, almost tangible, as if perceived through a small opening.